Growth Strategy

A diversified approach

Investment activity supports the WWI vision to build and grow a significant future.

Long term WWI property investments are linked to the private equity business activities. As owner/occupiers, such properties are typically close to air and sea ports; rail and road transport hubs. Property activities are managed through Kubis.

Properties are regularly renovated and modified for the service offering including the addition of purpose built facilities (eg, HUET training simulator in WA, Shot Blasting workshop in Victoria).

Properties ancillary to current business activities form the stock for our investment developments.

WWI will make short term, opportunistic property investment if suitable opportunities arise and align with business strategy.

Private Equity
A significant proportion of WWIs growth strategy includes acquisition. WWI look to acquire complementary businesses considering skill sets; intellectual property; potential and cultural fit. WWI typically undertake 100% acquisition and management buy out but will consider joint venture opportunities from time to time.

Financial Market Investment
Financial investments include a range of ASX listed equities; fixed interest and derivatives.

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