Utilities & Industry

Maintaining and developing appropriate infrastructure

A wide skill set and relevant expertise supports all WWI solutions for utilities and industry providers. In an Infrastructure intensive environment, appropriate asset procurement, maintenance and management is the key. WWI companies understand the significant capital expenditure invested to maintain, develop and grow the asset base. All WWI project recommendations involve innovative problem solving, forward thinking and practical strategies.

WWI companies have the expertise required for working in these complex environments including local knowledge, an understanding of regulatory requirements and the ability to respond to rapid change.

WWI teams have cross industry expertise and experience servicing State owned and National providers. All project teams are cognisant of environmental and green requirements and the ongoing challenges associated with general emission reductions and management.

All solutions balance cost control and the requirement for continuous supply, limiting disruptions to service where possible. Relevant specialisations include:

  • Training for high risk environments (eg safety training; confined space; height safety)
  • Work at heights (towers/electrical)
  • Gas detection
  • Plant maintenance
  • Fire control and management
  • Risk assessment
  • Air conditioning & compressor servicing
  • Products and after sales service
  • Specialist steel fabrication, laser cutting (including design)
  • Flying squads; emergency call out; fast turn around times

WWI companies have collaborated on projects for Australia's major energy companies, including specialist designed solutions for safe work at heights, in confined spaces and rescue. We provide specialist materials handling activities to gas suppliers; automotive and transportation providers.