Oil & Gas

Specialising in high risk environments on shore and at sea

Servicing the Oil & Gas sector in Australia is complex, WWI companies specialise in work in high risk environments on shore and at sea.

Through years of experience, WWI companies have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing providers in this sector including the need to protect and sustain Australia's reputation for safety and reliability.

All WWI Oil & Gas recommendations are influenced by a thorough understanding of industry standards, acceptable safety and risk standards, environmental considerations, geography and prevailing weather conditions. Experienced, highly trained and mobile teams deliver forward thinking and practical strategies that meet project, budget and regulatory goals.

Recommendations are further supported by corporate relationships and partnerships that assist delivery of safe, reliable and appropriate solutions.

In WAs North West, WWI companies have been on the ground for over 15 years providing products and specialist service to major Oil and Gas platforms. In 2011 building will commence on larger, purpose built premises to increase capacity and shorten turnaround times.  In Bass Strait, WWI companies provide OEM accredited servicing, fit out and follow up servicing for platforms and rigs.

WWI companies offer a range of services across the country including:

  • Training
  • On site maintenance
  • Height safety/ difficult access
  • Ships service
  • Complete safety packages for new or existing Oil & Gas platforms & FPSO's Product sales
  • OEM certified repair and servicing on a wide variety of Life Saving equipment, lifeboats, davits etc.
  • Fire management
  • Risk assessment