Corporate & Social Responsibilities

Operating proactively and responsibly within our community

WWI is committed to operating with a responsible approach to the financial implications of business decisions, as well as the social and environmental impact our activities have on the community.

We are committed to conduct our business in line with our vision, values and Code of Conduct. We aim to achieve the desired results - in the right way.

We will live up to this commitment by:

Respecting the laws, regulations and cultural values of the countries in which we operate.

Our decisions include reflections on the impact they have on our interests, how they affect
our surroundings and the societies in which we operate.

Conduct our business with respect for human rights and internationally accepted labour

We are all in this together
Everyone who works for or with the WW groups is expected to adhere to our values, Code of Conduct and company principles.

Environmentally responsible
Supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and support initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, by encouraging the development and usage of environmentally-adapted technologies.

Monitoring, assessing and reporting on our conformity with the principle.

Thomas Wilhelmsen
Group CEO

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