The WWI Story

A leading Australian industry group

Norway's well known Wilhelmsen family have been part of the Australian shipping landscape for over 115 years.

The first Wilhelmsen ship to visit Australia was the "Tiger", arriving in 1895 to transport wool and general cargo to Europe*,Wilh Wilhelmsen Agency was later established. In the 1960s the ship agency & ownership   businesses were listed as a public company and Skips AS Tudor became the principal shareholder of the public company.

Wilhelmsen family owned and controlled companies remain the majority shareholders in Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, now a diversified investment company with assets in property, listed and private equities. Throughout the company's growth and evolution the Wilhelmsen family has maintained a persistent dedication to business and investment in the Australian marketplace. With guidance from the parent company; WWI now operates under a well defined growth strategy including business acquisitions, property development and financial investment.

WWI companies continue to grow and develop expanding the enterprise to incorporate complementary services that truly cater for the growth industry sectors in the Australian market.

*Read more in "Speed & Service: Wilhelmsens First Century in Australia", by Dag Bakkea (Halsted Press, NSW 2007).

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